Reverse Osmosis




         Up to 1600 gallons a day

         State-of-the-art, This Film Composite, spiral wound reverse osmosis elements provide high rejection of dissolved minerals, bacteria, pyrogens, colloids, particles, organics, and silica.

         PVC and Noryl plastic module housings are corrosion resistant. Connections between housing are internal to obtain maximum performance from the elements.

         Jet Pressure Pump provides optimum energy efficiency and quiet operation.

         Hinged Stainless Steel control enclosure and accessible major components provide maximum serviceability and space efficiency.

         Cartridge prefiltration system with replaceable element removes suspended particles to extend component life.

         Front mounted pressure indicators and regulator allow easy monitoring and controlling of pumping conditions.

         Low Pressure switch, for pump protection.



Feed Water Pressure (flowing):   20-75 psig

Feed Water Temperature:           33-100F

Power Requirements:                 115VAC/60Hz/l Phase

Water Connections:                   Feed - 1/2" NPTE

Product - 3/8" Tube

Concentrate - 3/8"




Installation Dimensions: Height - 65"

Width - 18"

Depth - 18"


NOTE: Operational, maintenance and replacement requirements are essential for this product to perform as advertised.


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