Top 5 Advantages to Wax and Seal Your Car

Many of us do not bother to spend that extra time to wax and seal their cars. We think the modern-day paints are good enough. But we are very wrong! Not applying the wax and sealant to the car’s exteriors can break the coat that protects the paint itself which then exposes the paint to oxidation, road salt and such other things.

  1. Gives your car a high gloss finish & shine– Applying a liquid hi-glo wax and sealant is the easiest way to get your car looking glossy and new. We like to call this the showroom shine!
  2. Protect against scratches- Washing the car that is not waxed and sealed harms the exterior as there are chances of scratches from the grit and dirt on the car itself. The wax and sealant layers the paint and the wash slides off smoothly removing the dirt and grime along with it allowing your car to be better protected.
  3. Protects your cars paint: Your car is exposed to the ultra violet rays, road salts, tree sap while driving. All this exposure affects the paint and cause oxidation. The Hercules liquid hi-glo wax and sealant reduces the damage and protects your investment.
  4. Reduces the cost of repairs and maintenance- Proper care of the car’s exterior right from the very beginning would lower the cost of repairs incurring from the damages to the car due to oxidation and scratches.
  5. Preserves the re-sale value: At some point in the future you may wish to sell your car. The wax coats keep the paint intact and the gives that shine to the exterior. Naturally a lot depends on the look. You have more chances for a good re -sale value for the car.

Hercules HI-GLO Sealant is the ultimate profit maker for all dealerships! Our solution dilutes 2 to 1 with water to make THREE 55-Gallon Drums of ready to use product.


  • Produces a showroom shine and protective coat that lasts two-three weeks.
  • Can be used for new car prep or for a quick shine for auctions or used cars.
  • Can easily be up sold at writer’s desk from $ 9.95 to $14.95 per vehicle.
  • Dispensed automatically through car wash and take only 16 seconds to apply and requires no hand rubbing or buffing and leaves no swirl marks or residue.
  • Hercules Sealant dilutes 2 to 1 with water to make 3- 55-gallon drums which will wax and seal approximately 2,500 vehicles.

Hercules Systems recommends that your car be waxed and sealed every 4-6 weeks to maintain that pristine image. For your FREE ON-SITE DEMO please call 1-800-227-0495 or contact us today!