Hercules 3000 Touchless SystemHERCULES…the fastest and safest way to wash, wax and seal a vehicle

At Hercules words such as friction, scrubbing, buffing, smoothing, or shaker curtains do not exist in our vocabulary. Why is that? Because, we know just like you, no matter how other companies might phrase it… “scrubbing” is still scrubbing and even a computerized “auto scrub friction” is still friction. Our system is 100% touchless!The only thing that should touch the vehicle besides you is your customer and an open road.  At HERCULES, since 1965, this philosophy has inspired us to continuously bring you the ULTIMATE car care system. It’s your business ... your customer... your choice ... why take a risk?

Top 5 reasons to choose a HERCULES CAR CARE SYSTEM:

1. NO MECHANICAL BRUSHES, BUFFING PADS, FRICTION CURTAINS- Quality Car Wash Shampoo used with special applicator SAFELY removes stubborn dirt, grime and road film without the risk of mechanical moving parts touching your vehicles ...we GUARANTEE it.

 2. NO MULTIPLE SYSTEMS- One state of the art car care system will wash, wax and seal vehicles within 2-4 minutes. One system allows you to prep new cars and wash serviced vehicles within minutes.

 3. NO EXPENSIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM- No costly MAINTENANCE Package. In fact, we don‘t have a maintenance package. Each system comes with a 20 year warranty.

 4. HI-GLO WAX / SEALANT APPLICATION- One application will wax and seal your vehicles in 16 seconds without swirl and scratch marks.

 5. NO DAILY OR WEEKLY MAINTENANCE- HERCULES does not have requirements on daily or weekly maintenance. Just a monthly routine. 2 steps are (1) add oil (2) change filter.

For your FREE ON-SITE DEMO please call 1-800-227-0495. You may also contact us via email at [email protected]