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5 Benefits To Wax and Seal Your Car

  Top 5 Advantages to Wax and Seal Your Car Many of us do not bother to spend that extra time to wax and seal their cars. We think the modern-day paints are good enough. But we are very wrong! Not applying the wax and sealant to the car’s exteriors can break the coat that…

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5 Reasons to Choose A Touchless System

HERCULES…the fastest and safest way to wash, wax and seal a vehicle At Hercules words such as friction, scrubbing, buffing, smoothing, or shaker curtains do not exist in our vocabulary. Why is that? Because, we know just like you, no matter how other companies might phrase it… “scrubbing” is still scrubbing and even a computerized…

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What Dealers Need To Know About Automatic Car Washes

With most dealers offering FREE washes to service customers, plus washing requirements for PDI, recon, new and used car deliveries, rental and demo vehicles, every dealer needs to know when an automatic system is justified and what type to purchase. Almost all dealers l speak with ask about the purchase of an automatic car wash…

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