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Hercules Systems has been washing, waxing and sealing emergency vehicles, including EMS and medical transport vehicles or over 50 years! We provide emergency vehicles owners with a simple, affordable, car washing solution to help maintain that pristine image for your fleet of vehicles.

Our systems, the Hercules 3000/6000, is a state-of-the-art touch free automatic large vehicle wash, wax and sealant system. It delivers unmatched performance reliability and superior cleaning results, all with minimal maintenance requirements. Since no moving parts every touch the vehicle, there can be no damage to the vehicle finish, light bars, decals or radio telemetry equipment.  Our unique Reverse Osmosis attachments produces "spot-free" water eliminating the necessity to towel dry the vehicle.

The Hercules 3000/6000 provides a quality touch free wash to all emergency vehicles in as little as 6 minutes.


  • Labor Savings
  • 100% touchless
  • Time Saver
  • Wash, Wax & Seal any size vehicle in under 6 minutes.
  • Custom made to fit into your space no need to build or renovate.
  • Simple: only push one button to run the system. 1 operator can wash 50 vehicles per day, with 2 a 100 plus. Increase your turn around time and bring your vehicles back onto road in the best condition.

What Our Client's Are Saying!


" Rarely do customers write thank you letters, they usually only write to complain. I want to be in the first category. I am delighted with the system and its performance. A major factor in the purchase aside from the speed with which we could wash and wax our ambulances in 5 to 6 minutes, was that no vehicles would ever be damaged.  No light bars, antennas or telemetry equipment would ever be damaged and that has been the case.  I am truly convinced of the value of the Hercules Systems for MedStar."  Charley Kelley, President.

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" I'm writing to thank you for the great service we have received along with our Hercules Vehicle Wash System. In the time we have been using the system we have seen a great reduction in both time and effort involved in keeping our fleet clean on a daily basis. Our drivers and EMT's appreciate the ease and speed at which the systems operates. I would be happy to recommend this system to anyone , especially in the Medical Transport Business." Rob Davis, President. Read full testimonial...



Contact us for an free on-site evaluation today! Call our toll free number at 1-800-227-0495 and speak to our customer service representatives.

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