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1. Vehicle is pulled under rectangular frame. Operator activates pneumatic system by pressing wash button. Frame rinses vehicle in 8 seconds with 52 brass water jets on the downstroke.

2. Frame stops at hub cap level. Chemical pumps are activated. Frame rises, spraying water and environmentally safe biodegradable chemical over entire vehicle in 8 seconds.

3. According to the size of the vehicle, 2, 3, or 4 minutes elapsed time is provided by a high tech electronic computer. This time allows operator to use the applicator to break the static bond. Dirt is easily washed away on rinse cycle.

4. High pressure air-water gun is used to remove disc brake film, ice, snow and caked on mud under wheel arches, undercarriage as well as degreasing the engine compartment.

5. Bell signals end of detailing cycle.Frame automatically lowers and rises, rinsing the vehicle in under 16 seconds.

6. Frame completes the final cycle applying protective hi-glo paint sealant to vehicle — producing high shine. Where applicable, optional spot-free rinse sprays deionized water eliminating chamois or towel drying for a "showroom shine"