Reverse Osmosis


Hercules Reverse Osmosis System produces 1600 gpd. Every vehicle gets a spot-free rinse in 16 seconds, eliminates the need to towel dry vehicles.

reverse osmosis

  • Up to 1600 gallons a day
  • State-of-the-art, This Film Composite, spiral wound reverse osmosis elements provide high rejection of dissolved minerals, bacteria, pyrogens, colloids, particles, organics, and silica.
  • PVC and Noryl plastic module housings are corrosion resistant. Connections between housing are internal to obtain maximum performance from the elements.
  • Jet Pressure Pump provides optimum energy efficiency and quiet operation.
  • Hinged Stainless Steel control enclosure and accessible major components provide maximum serviceability and space efficiency.
  • Cartridge prefiltration system with replaceable element removes suspended particles to extend component life.
  • Front mounted pressure indicators and regulator allow easy monitoring and controlling of pumping conditions.
  • Low Pressure switch, for pump protection.


Feed Water Pressure (flowing):   20-75 psigreverse osmosis

Feed Water Temperature:           33-100°F

Power Requirements:                 115VAC/60Hz/l Phase

Water Connections:                   Feed - 1/2" NPTE

Product - 3/8" Tube

Concentrate - 3/8"




Installation Dimensions: Height - 65"

Width - 18"

Depth - 18"


NOTE: Operational, maintenance and replacement requirements are essential for this product to perform as advertised.