How We Serve You Better.

The Hercules Car Washing Systems (Model 3000, 6000 and Hurricane) are patented brushless wash systems that will leave your service customers’ cars showroom clean - quickly, inexpensively and reliably. What that means for you, is more income. That’s right; the Hercules Systems are designed to make you money.

  • Satisfied customers will continue coming back for service.
  • Beneficial word of mouth will lead to additional service income, and new car sales
    as well.
  • An ingenious coupon and up-sell program trains your customers to come back and generates direct profit - transforming your prep bay into a money-making business within a business for your dealership.

The Hercules Systems are designed to help you in every part of your dealership.

In addition to assuring every customer gets a spotless car, the system can help:

  • With the Front Line and Inventory – Since it takes so little time and effort to run a car through the system, many dealers are doing away with outside wash contractors. Additionally, our lot-line option enables quick line washing without moving the line around.
  • With New Car Prep – With the 16-second Hi-GlO wax sealant application, there is no need for time-consuming hand polishing that can risk damaging the clear-coat finish on your new cars with swirl marks. The system slashes your new car prep time dramatically.
  • With Demo Vehicles – Never let a potential customer drive a dirty car again. Represent your dealership the way it should be with spotless demo and loaner vehicles. Even a salesperson can run a vehicle through the system in minutes – assuring sparkling demo vehicles.

And many other ways. And, with the 20-year warranty, you can count on years of reliable operation.

For Car Dealers looking to increase customer retention and profitability by providing all of their customers with a spotless car and a better service experience, while eliminating the headaches of damaged vehicles, Hercules has a solution that meets your unique needs. matter how well you service that car, the work is never seen. It's under the hood. But the vehicles appearance is always noticed. And a shiny new look will make a customer feel good about the service they have just paid for.

To find out which system is right for you,  contact us so we can have one of our highly trained representatives perform an analysis for your facility.