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What Our Client's Are Saying!


"The system does a GREAT job, and we have had positive feedback from our customers.  Thank you for a great year and we look forward to many more."

Oneonta, NY
John Maine
Service Manager


"Thank you for being persistent in finally getting me to understand the value."

My service advisors are able to up-sell the wax and seal which is generating new revenue. We are able to keep our inventory sparkling and our make ready detail department is getting deliveries faster. CSI has also increased!

Vicksburg, Mississippi
Brother Blackburn


"We have been able to greatly increase the number of cars being washed through our service department and have substantially reduced the amount of damage to these vehicles"

Benzel Busch Motor Car Corp.
Englewood, NJ
Joseph Agresta, Jr.
Vice President


"It was taking us about 30 minutes to complete an exterior wash on a vehicle, which was causing a substantial bottleneck in our work flow. Now, with our Hercules we complete an exterior in just 5 minutes."

Newberry Motors
Newberry, Michugan
Kevin Vanatta, President


"We have our system over 10 years and I would certainly would recommend the Hercules System to any dealer who is looking for good value in a dependable and functional car wash system and vendor support."

La Crosse, WI
Bob Burg, President